Our Consultants

Nicky Forsythe

Nicky is an expert in qualitative research and psychology, with over 20 years’ experience of helping organizations to innovate successfully by understanding their customers and service users. In 2012 she will co-lead a new programme in Advanced Qualitative Practice leading to accreditation through the Market Research Society (see www.langmaidpractice.com for details).

Nicky draws on a rich variety of skills and experience from qualitative research, psychology and social marketing. She is expert at drawing out and interpreting the experiences and motivations underlying behaviour, and at helping to translate these into product and service innovations. Her work has been seminal to innovations in the private, public and third sectors. In recent years she has led research and innovation projects for clients which include the Ministry of Justice, DWP, Barclays Bank, The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, The Institute for Government, Rethink and Visa.

Her experience includes engagement not only with the general public but increasingly amongst ‘hard to reach’ audiences.

Nicky has both personal and professional experience of mental health issues and a particular commitment in this area. She has presented her work on making psychological therapies more customer-centric at a series of national conferences including the BACP Conference 2008, the Savoy Conference 2008 and the Nottingham University Conference on Qualitative Research in Mental Health 2010. She sits on the Advisory Board of the Time to Change campaign against mental health stigma.

She was educated at the Perse Girls’ School in Cambridge, Fettes College in Edinburgh and Bristol University.

Roy Langmaid – FMRS

Roy is one of Europe’s leading consumer psychologists. In a long career, his books and prize-winning papers have demonstrated his leadership in the fields of qualitative research and co-creation. Starting in the 1970s, Roy provided the insights that initiated ground-breaking changes in corporate strategy for companies such as GsK, Unilever, BUPA, British Airways, Singapore Airlines and Jumeirah.

Since founding Promise in 2003, Roy has turned his attention to social projects on topics such as voting, domestic violence and human rights – conducting major studies in these areas for Government Departments. Most recently, his work has uncovered insights into our relationship with the state and a new perspective on what it is to be British in the new millennium. He is now in private practice in London working for ITV, Universal Music and Barclays Bank.

Roy is one of the early pioneers of co-creation and is passionate about new ways of conducting dialogue geared towards discovery and invention. He is married to Nicky Forsythe and they have collaborated in business and in parenthood for more than twenty years.

Roy was awarded Fellowship of the Market Research Society in 2008.

Dr Alain Samson

Alain Samson is an experienced quantitative researcher and social psychologist.

As a researcher and consultant, he has worked independently and through LSE Enterprise, the consulting arm of the London School of Economics, across consumer, media, higher education and public sectors. Recent work by Alain has also focused on helping successful research agencies improve their methodologies and develop new research offerings.

Alain’s approach to research is frequently informed by theories and methodologies from social psychology, consumer psychology and the emerging field of behavioural economics. He is the founder and manager of the ‘Behavioral Economics Group’, a fast-growing network connecting 1300 members from business, academia and the public sector.

Alain has been a peer reviewer for the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and has published articles related to academic and commercial research. He holds a PhD from the London School of Economics (Social Psychology), an MA from the University of Michigan and a BA from UC Berkeley.

Johnnie Moore

Johnnie is an organisational development specialist whose clients include NESTA, BBC, Channel 4, National Public Radio (US), The Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, O2, American Express, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Lambeth College, Johnson and Johnson, Worldvision, News Group and Bovis LendLease.

He facilitates workshops and conferences in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

His work with organisations is geared towards collaborative innovation, and is based on methods from Psychology, improvisational theatre and Open Space. This latter approach is designed to allow people to self-organise around goals and interests set by them. It allows a richer series of collaborations than conventional formats, and is very much in keeping the spirit of co-creation and a networked world.

He’s a founder member of the Applied Improvisation Network and co-author of the books, Beyond Branding and More Space.

Johnnie graduated from Oxford in Philosophy and Politics and worked in politics, advertising and marketing before moving into organisational consulting. In his work, he is interested in the impact of the human side of businesses.

David Corr

David has over twenty years experience in qualitative and deliberative research. He was trained at three of the most respected research companies in the 1980’s and co-founded his own company in 1990.

David’s commercial experience spans the UK and many international markets. His social policy experience spans among others: health, disability issues, diversity in the workplace and public engagement with science and biotechnology.

David’s clients include:

  • Department of Health
  • The Alzheimer’s Society
  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
  • The University of Bristol
  • Consumer Council for Water
  • The Soil Association
  • The Home Office

David is also a psychotherapist and lifelong Tottenham supporter (and being the former definitely helps with the latter).

Natasha Curnock

Natasha is an experienced qualitative researcher of over 12 years. She is also in private practice as a humanistic psychotherapist.

She has led or collaborated in research projects across the UK, Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia, observing and understanding cultural nuances to offer strategic direction to organisations.

In more recent years, she has worked on projects for the International Red Cross, HMRC, British Council and the BBC. In addition, she has advised commercial organisations such as Aviva and Procter & Gamble on sensitive consumer issues.

She has made use of innovative methodologies in the private, public and third sector. These range from ethnographic techniques to product development workshops, as well as creating ‘customer closeness’ sessions bringing top level management to meet their customers and facilitate learning.

Natasha is skilled at actively listening to and connecting with a diverse range of individuals and, in turn, communicating insightful learnings to organisations. She has both personal and professional experience of dealing with mental health issues and feels passionately about the subject.

Natasha holds a BA (Hons) in Corporate Communication and an MA in Marketing.